Three Pillars of Sustainability

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Saving the world, one website at a time.

Every quarter, yadaDROP donates 5% of our revenues to a 501(c)3 non-profit of your choice. A nominated non-profit organization must support one of the following three pillars of sustainability:

  1. Economic

  2. Environmental

  3. Social



The people in the western world are heavy consumers. In fact, we consume far more than our fair share. Meanwhile, the people in developing countries are exploding in population and some are aspiring to have high-consumption lifestyles too. We need a sustainable economic model that ensures fair distribution and efficient allocation of our resources. This pillar ensures that our economic growth maintains a healthy balance with our ecosystem.



We take our natural resources for granted and sometimes we forget that those resources are not unlimited. More importantly, our planet must be protected from corporate exploitation and neglect. This pillar supports initiatives like: renewable energy, reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions, sustainable agriculture and fishing, organic farming, tree planting and reducing deforestation, recycling, and better waste management.



yadaDROP is a global citizen and you are too. As a global citizen, we must never turn a blind eye to social disruptions that threaten the well-being of people and our environment. We have an ethical responsibility to do something about human inequality, social injustice, and poverty. This pillar supports initiatives like peace, social justice, reducing poverty, and other grassroots movements that promote social equity.


To learn more about sustainability, check out Wikipedia's page on sustainability.