Contest Winner Announced!

April 15th has gotten a bad rap.  It's that dreaded time each year when the government collects all the money that is due to them.  Since this day is known for taking away money, we’d like to redeem this day on the calendar by giving away money.

On Tuesday, we wrapped up a one-week long contest that featured three non-profits that promote sustainability: Phoenix Bikes, OEFFA, and  The prize was $221.25, or 5% of our 1st quarter revenue.  We left it up to the general public to determine who would win the prize.

And the winner with 3,729 votes is...

Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA)

Join us in congratulating OEFFA for winning the contest, and to thank ALL CANDIDATES creating a more sustainable world!

P.S. If you're a numbers kind of person, here are the results:

Phoenix Bikes 2335 votes, OEFFA 3729 votes, Do Something 57 votes