Install CKFinder File Browser with CKeditor in Drupal

In this tutorial you will learn how to install the ckfinder file browser and integrate it with the ckeditor module on your Drupal site. CKFinder lets you upload files to your website and browse your server for files to insert into the wysiwyg.

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Thanks a lot man

Your tutorial helped me a lot. Thanks.

Stop stealing other peoples

Stop stealing other peoples videos and not giving them credit. You guys aren't really representing the overall ethics of the Drupal community very well.

I'm sorry our video

I'm sorry our video aggregation service did not meet your expectations.

Really good and clear

Really good and clear tutorial! Thank you so much, you saved me significant amount of time. May you live long life and get useful information quickly when you need it!

this is a great video. could

this is a great video.
could you try it with open atrium.
The ckfinder and cdeditor_swf are very tricky to get going.

thanks for your time

Great tutorial. Many thanks

Great tutorial. Many thanks

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