GIS and Mapping with Drupal (OpenLayers and Geo module)

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This session will be focused on demoing the new OpenLayers and Geo module. These modules works with 'true' GIS data (points, lines polygons) that are stored in a geospatial database (postGIS or MySQL Spatial). We will show you how to "mashup" data from many sources (including KML, WMS, WFS, Google, Yahoo etc.) and display a unique map with variable styling. If there is time, we may even get down and dirty with the very extensible openlayers API.

Some of the topics that will be discussed or demoed:

- Map presets and options for how maps behave and look.
- Inputting polygon data by drawing on a map.
- Map displays with Views
- Inline map with content filters.
- The OpenLayers Drupal API.
- The future of GIS + Drupal

This session will be presented by Patrick Hayes, one of the maintainers of the openlayers module.

Patrick did this talk at Drupalcamp Victoria, and it got some good reviews

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I followed your speach and i found it really usable.

I used openlayers 6.x 1.x
you need also latest version of VIEWS, CCK and CTools :)

Thank you for this video! Is great to have people like you doing this amazing tutorials.

What versions are you using?

I tried to follow your speech, but I couldn't find most of the choices.

I'm working with:
* openlayers-6.x-2.0-alpha10
* geo-6.x-1.0-alpha5
* locations-6.x-3.1

My final goal is to know if a point is inside a region (polygon), so right now I need geo, isn't it?

Any case, apart from my particular problems, you made a great exposition. It's clear and direct to practice. Great job.

Thanks for your time,

How to add WMS to the

How to add WMS to the available layers?
Could not figure it out.

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