Installing WAMP, Drush & Drupal on Windows 7

This video will help you setup a environment on your computer to do Drupal development.

I have posted the text instructions that I wrote when creating this demonstration. See it here:​861733

-- Drupal Website --

-- Things to download --​en/​​project/​drush - many people have problems with the current version 4 of Drush... save yourself a headache and use version 3.​packages/​

-- Additional tools that may be useful --​pdt/​​​

-- Configuration to add to httpd.conf, don't add extra spaces! --


DocumentRoot "C:\wamp\www"
ServerName localhost

DocumentRoot "C:\wamp\www\d6test"
ServerName d6test.localhost

Note: the curly braces should be replace by greater-than and less-than signs.

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