Drupal Web Analytics

yadaDROP has contributed several web analytics modules to the Drupal community.  These modules have helped marketers, agencies, and web site owners capture important details about a conversion.  Take a look at our portfolio below.  If you are interested in sponsoring a new module, or feature to an existing module, let us know.

  • Google Analytics Tokenizer
    Reads the cookies created by Google Analytics for immediate access to things like source, search terms, and campaign information.
  • Contact Google Analytics
    Works in conjunction with Google Analytics Tokenizer to append that information to the bottom of emails generated by various modules, such as Contact, Webforms, and Rules.
  • Google Analytics Capture
    Saves the data from Google Analytics and other sources to a database, displays that data in various administration screens, and exposes that to the Views module.
  • Analytics Tracking
    Captures additional non-Google Analytics conversion information -- such as Referrer and Landing Pages.