Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

seo guaranteeYou don't want to piss away your money.

Neither do we. That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That's right, we won't stop working until you're happy. Just so there aren't any misunderstandings about our SEO service, let's take a second to talk about how this guarantee works.


we don't guarantee your position in the search engines

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot buy your way to the #1 position, you have to earn it. Don't be fooled by other "seo pros" that guarantee a #1 spot in the search engines. Google determines who is #1 using their patented technology. If an seo professional promises a #1 ranking, run away! The reputation of that firm should seriously be brought into question.


we guarantee more conversions

Who cares if you get more hits to your site. At the end of the day, conversions are what really matter. If our optimization recommendations do not result in a greater number of conversions, we will work for free until it does.1


free seo consultationSo, what are you waiting for? Request your free seo consultation today to see what yadaDROP can do for you.


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