Service Engine Optimization Strategy

black hat seo

We take the hocus pocus out of SEO.

You deserve to know how your site is going to be optimized before you sign any agreements. We fully disclose our Search Engine Optimization strategy in plain english. Other "seo pros" will lead you to believe that Search Engine Optimization can only be achieved with voodoo. if that's the case, either one, or both, of the following are true:

  • they are engaging in illegal "black hat" techniques to promote your site; or
  • they are afraid that you may learn seo on your own and no longer need them.

yadaDROP, on the other hand, is fully transparent about what we're going to do with your site. No voodoo. No shenanigans. No nonsense.


establish a baseline to measure seo performance

  • First, we establish a baseline of your current site’s traffic, keyword performance, and other indicators.  This is to help us measure our success before we make any changes to your site. We follow the mantra, "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

identify your target audience and top competitors

  • Second, we work with you to identify and understand the target audience you want to attract and the top competitors that you want to beat.

research seo keywords that your audience will use

  • Third, we research the search phrases that this audience uses in the search engines to find your product or service. we take a look at important factors such as:
    1. keyword competitiveness (How many sites are targeting that keyword?),
    2. keyword popularity (How many users are searching for that keyword?),
    3. keyword relevance (Will that keyword draw in the right audience?)


onpage optimization seo technique

  • Fourth, we optimize your website content, navigational structure, and other techniques to make your site more appealing to the search engines.  This technique is known as onpage optimization.

offpage optimization seo technique

  • Fifth, we analyze potential link popularity enhancements and submit those recommendations for your approval. We will recommend specific external web sites that we could contact to request a link to your site1. In other words, anytime you can get another site to link to your site, it acts like a popularity vote to boost your ranking in the organic search results.  This technique is known as offpage optimization.

monitor the seo results and make adjustments

  • Sixth, we monitor your site's ranking on an ongoing basis and make adjustments and recommendations as needed.

monthly reports to measure your seo investment

  • Seventh, we provide monthly reports so you can measure the performance your search engine optimization investment.


free seo consultationSo what are you waiting for? Request a free seo consultation to see how yadaDROP can help you with your seo strategy.



1 submitting your site to specialty directories, requesting links from your partners, reciprocal links with non-competitive sites, paid advertisements on relevant sites, and posting PR news releases to gain exposure in the media outlet.